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to be good at the Grape JBF Customs Air, a designer who specializes in implanting reptiles elements into a customized shoe, and recently launched a new "Jordan Black 5" ". Jordan Air 5 "Grape Black" as the template, on the basis of the JBF commonly used to add the black shark skin, snake lines, crocodile skin texture of the combination of accessories. The tongue on the trapeze LOGO still uses the whole black leather logo, overall more texture. attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information and all kinds of basketball. source: soleA few days ago a pair of Nike LeBron 8 V / 2 "MVP" coming network, color inspiration from Miami's shoes shirts, black and red color interwoven to create the shoe body with white Swoosh as sand, tongue selection of James Lion Logo render the identity of its owner's, followed by a list of "MVP" is an indication of his title of the year Cheap jordans online competition, although the final match for the surging momentum of Ross, and the shoes are not for sale, have to say is a pity ah. Nike Hyperdunk 2014 new spy again exposed 2014-02-24 21:01:04 A few days ago a whole new generation of Nike Hyperdunk 2014 kind frequently exposed spy, overwhelmed and a dark orange Hyperdunk 2014 for the first time appeared on the network. From the perspective of this side plan view, the shoes have this extremely thick Lunarlon outsole, shoe body still maintained Fuse material with standard dynamic fly line configuration. So exaggerated in the bottom of the design is also very very foot feeling the urge to experience it. Air Jordan Ultimate Gift of Flight Pictures exposed 2014-09-27 20:23:41 Concern Air Jordan Ultimate Gift of flight has once again released a heavy news overwhelmed the limited edition set of a full set of physical map finally appeared for the first time, we can see from the figure overwhelmed with Air Jordan & nbsp; 11 With the Air Jordan XX9 not great vibe Logo version, but the pair burst crack version. Echoed in the color and design of the Air Jordan 11, als cheap foamposites o of North Carolina with a white and blue color, it is learned that the series will be officially on sale on December 23, priced at $ 500, number is 717602-900. & nbsp; Recently Saucony G9 Shadow 6 is a new color, overwhelmed by the designer's creative inspiration from the summer must-mint ice cream! And the Grid & nbsp; 9000 in the upper end and Shadow 6000 combined, use a pale mint green rendered in shoes, black lines outline, was undoubtedly the most carefully designed insole friends, decorate the whole image of ice cream on top insole, Perfect light its theme. It is reported that the shoes will be officially on sale May 15, interested friends might concern you.Golden Coast - Recess TOPMEN men's 00:0003:08 said the circle of friends show sun Hyun, now not only girls in the bag, sun lipstick, self drying, drying the shoes to the boy is quite crazy. It is in the current fashion shoes wind Sheng, regardless of fashion bloggers, star or ordinary people, just buy a new pair of shoes, could not immediately drying out. So now brands have also touched the public psychology, new shoes are willing to give the s Cheap air jordans for sale tar on the foot, so the sale of looted shoes is a very common thing. While the star can get a pair of very difficult to buy shoes can also reflect their own trend in the world, will become a win-win thing. so today we grilled a steak of these stars Sneakerheads over the past few months the sun which shoes down down down # Shawn Yue six uncle is notoriously love sun shoes, and he in the shoes or not buy, or skyrocketed. But the six is for everyone to leave except uncle get with the room, because the love of his people should know his most often on foot is converse. One of the most photographed 70 's. also has a lot less still some version of Converseaddict. but this year is very rare to see six uncle sun Nike shoes, recently aired two pairs, a pair of white vapormax, a pair of this year is over the fire pushed up to tens of thousands of KAWS xAir Jordan4. and the rest are the adidas. One of the most pull the wind should belong to this double haven't sold 3D adidasFuturecraft 4D shoe sole print. is also the newly issued EQT Cushion ADV this pair of non commercially available version of the card we can see th Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale is pair of shoes should be more than EQT Cushion ADV1991 double limit even less, only 191 double. again, six uncle on foot is the most recently joined boost at the end of the retro shoes Iniki Runner, this is relatively easy with the get. of course, Adidas, EQT, boost from Human Race NMD Hu, six, uncle no less wear. In addition he also recently on the foot joint VANS two pairs of shoes, one is NEIGHBORHOODx Vans VaultAuthentic, another is UNDERCOVER x Vans Era on sale early. NEIGHBORHOODx Vans VaultAuthentic UNDERCOVER x Vans Era ??????asic kayanos 21 Pumpkin Cinnamon Chip Cream Cheese Cookies This Gal Cooks dessert air jordans releases 2015 Wall kayanos 21 Pumpkin Cinnamon Chip Cream Cheese Cooki" /〉 asic kayanos 21 Pumpkin Cinnamon Chip Cream Cheese Cookies This Gal Cooks dessert What do you think ofThe day before, Nike Air Force 1 High series and bring you a new color. The shoes are made of black canvas, and the shoes are made of white leather Swoosh. Finally, the white magic stickers are lined with black and white atmosphere, and the whole shoes are simple, full of atmosphere and full of flavor. Cheap foamposites for sale At present, the shoes are now on sale, the selling price is: $145, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.To celebrate the birth of Max Air 30th anniversary, including artist Li Yuchun, Brazil football player Neymar, innovative American sprinter English Gardner and other global leader in the field of innovation, personal interpretation of Nike Air VaporMax KISS MY AIRS, the expression of attitude, passing a change, never stop "spirit.Jordan's 45 1995 in March 18th, Jordan chose to return, because at this time the number 23 Jersey has been locked in the United Center, so he chose his brother at the University of the number 45. Jordan's return to many Bulls fans once again saw the championship hopes, but in the second round of the playoffs they defeated O'neal led the Orlando magic. after losing the first game, the magic team responsible for the defense of Jordan's Nick Anderson said: No. 45 is not as good as 23." Jordan that flew into a rage, so in the second game magic home people saw 23, bull also fulfill a wish to get a victory. And Jordan paid the price is to be fined $5000 union. After losing the serie Cheap foamposites for sale s, Jordan never crossed the 45. He later in the wizard in the back, is the number 23 shirt. Garnett due to the Celtics star bill Sharman of Garnett before wearing the number 21 shirt, the Celtics in recognition of Zalman contribution to the team as early as 1966 will be 21 sealed, so Kevin Garnett must to replace the numbers. It is because of the existence of 5, Garnett eventually won the championship. Iguodala Yigedala had just entered the Union has chosen the number 4, and in 2005 Chris & middot; Weber's arrival, making him to make a little change. In this regard, considerate Iggy made the first time response: Oh, I is 04 years of 9 show, I like 9 has through for a long time, but Kenny & middot; Thomas accounted for a 9, where I have the opportunity to wear it. The deal is the biggest advantage of is we get the number you want,Samuyangin Allen · Iverson joined the bear, Yang will own the original number 3 Jersey to the AI, he put on the number 4. Jim Jackson's 24 2005-2006's move to Los Angeles, the first round of the playoffs by former club sun 1:3 reversal, Jim Jackson wearing Jersey No. 24. Second years, Retro jordans for sale Kobe took a fancy to this 24, the media have speculated that Kobe changed to wear 24 of the intention: beyond the body back 23 Jordan? Kobe himself gives the answer is: only 24 hours a day, to remind yourself of time. Cook's 7 because Lamar Odom, the cook had to submit to humiliation for 43, before wearing the shirt than Odom, but cook. Artest was selected by the bulls, Artest chose number 15, which is his high school and university use number. Move to the Pacers, the number for 23, after a season for 91, Auburn Hills after the incident, Artest again.Because Chinese and Vietnamese shoes anti-dumping, and Chinese wages rose sharply in the southeast and weakened the competitiveness of enterprises, footwear production and a large number of Italy Chinese Taiwan shoe enterprises have the relocation of factories to bangladesh. Recently, South Korea's shoe-making enterprises also tend to transfer the Dae Myung in Bangladesh, shoemaking Co. Ltd. yesterday and Meng Export Processing Zone Administration signed an agreement by the Chinese and Vietnamese shoes anti-dumping, and Chinese wages rose sharply in the southeast and weakened the competitiveness of enterprises, footwear production and a large number of Italy Chinese Taiwan shoe enterprises have the relocation of factories to bangladesh. Recently, South Korea's shoe-making enterprises also tend to transfer the Dae Myung in Bangladesh, shoemaking Co. Ltd. yesterday and Meng Export Processing Zone Administration signed an agreement, decided to invest in Mengkana Puri export processing zone 7 million 619 thousand dollars to build a shoe factory. (Editor: admin). at present, the domestic shoes production enterprises, should be in season piece production, sell a large number of single shoe orders, domestic sandals distribution and fill orders, many companies are busy, especially for those in the double repair enterprise, 2007 good market prospects is to make them happy gebulongzui. The day before, remember are learned in the production of children's shoes enterprises in Zhejiang and Guangdong to interview, with the arrival of 2007's production, most of the children's products is due to the added value of spring is relatively high and the profit has become the focus of enterprise development object. "from the perspective of the national cloth data released last year, the 15 children under the age of about 380 million people, if in accordance with the average number to calculate consumption per person per year, 4 pairs of shoes, each pair of shoes 20 yuan to calculate a conservative, is about 30000000000 yuan. What's more, most of our products cost far more than that." When it comes to the domestic shoes market prospects, Zhejiang buntat Footwear Company Limited trade Ministry Zhang Mingbao to reporters calculations, "people's living standard now more and more high, the parents of their children's life into more and more, children's consumption shows obvious individuality, buy active trend. So, the market space of children's shoes will increase year by year. At the same time, children's products in recent years owe is constantly rising, from the previous simple use of broken skin, synthetic leather products to the development of the use of a full grain leather production, all these marked products shoes market potential in increasing." "from the export market point of view, we mainly go Russia and the European market is mainly due to the order, children's products has not been adopted into the EU anti-dumping directory, so it can be said that the anti-dumping to our export's impact is not great. At the same time, in recent years our main export orders situation, many European countries give us orders from either the fabric or trim from requirements are much higher than in previous years a lot, although this is caused by the rising price of finished shoes, but basically foreign businessmen still acceptable. In general, the export of children's shoes rising grades have become a big trend." In Guangzhou children's shoes, there is a stall in the world, Miss Zhou told reporters." "now parents prefer to wear their own cheaper shoes, but also to their children to buy more comfortable children's shoes, even if the price is a little expensive point does not matter."." A store owner who has many years of experience in selling children's shoes told reporters. It seems that, in the whole shoe market downturn environment, our children's shoes production enterprises are really thriving. (editor in chief: admin)